DSVaping:Your Reliable Vaping Brand Incubation Expert



Established in 2017, DSVAPING has cultivated brand building for six years, providing one-stop vaping industry solutions to our clients. We have fully integrated the global e-cigarette supply chain, owning a CNAS National Laboratory and a massively scaled production facility. And we have also developed a mature brand incubation system, which has launched many wildly successful brands into the market.

Service Introduction 

Precision Product Inspection: 

Following the principle of "advanced equipment & elite laboratory personnel", we have established a professional laboratory system. Equipped with more than 200 industry's top test instruments and equipment, and 57 experts with 9-year average industry experience, we will give the most accurate and comprehensive test results to guarantee the quality and safety of tested products.


Product Development and Industrial Design

We design and create brand products for clients depending on both your needs and professional market research. At the same time, we also provide structural feasibility assessments and real-time production monitoring to ensure the quality of products.

dsvaping-Product-Development-and Industrial-Design.png 


Visual Aesthetic Design

Based on the style of the brand and combined with cutting-edge visual design techniques, we implement visual aesthetic design for our clients' products, including appearance style, texture representation, packaging and so on.


Animation Design and Product Photographing

According to the brand tone of voice(the way in which a brand communicates with its audiences), product features and color scheme, we make trendy animation videos and eye-catching photographs to display the selling points of different products.


Official Website Building

We customize brand website construction, including visual and interactive design, website operation, all-around station optimization, and tailor high-quality brand website services in line with SEO promotion rules.



Online & Offline Branding Campaigns

To achieve brand exposure and new customer acquisition, we offer both online marketing services (such as social media operation, website promotion, influencer marketing, etc.) and offline branding campaigns (such as exhibitions, product launches, offline store activities, etc.).


Brand Advantage

With the professional testing team and CNAS national laboratory, we have applied for 154 new patents and delivered more than 1200 testing datasets for atomizers. Our professional testing equipment and team will guarantee the quality of your product. 

Additionally, with 6 years of intensive brand cultivation, DSVAPING has created the first professional incubation system for atomization brands in the industry. We help our clients incubate a new brand and expand brand awareness to a global level. Every year we help our customers make more than 15 massively popular products and launch more than 20 successful brand incubation strategies. 

As DSVAPING has expanded the market to a global scale, we have a deep understanding of the current and upcoming market trends, enabling us to quickly seize market opportunities and create innovative and satisfying results for our clients.

Brand Mission and Vision

With a professional and pragmatic attitude, DSVAPING is committed to creating surprises for our clients and becoming the expert in the full spectrum of the vaping industry, building a fully connected, fashionable vaping world.

Brand Values

As a professional e-cigarette brand incubator, “grow together” has become the value of DSVAPING. We help our client’s brand to grow into a mature and successful one, and at the same time, we keep learning and growing, providing better service to our customers. It is expected that the collaboration of you and us could make us grow together and make your brands seen by more and more people.

Brand Stories

Under 6-year cultivation and effort, DSVAPING has experienced fast growth and fulfilled a lot of achievements. 

In 2017, DSVAPING was established. And next year we released two revolutionary products into the market - the pod system device and the disposable vape. 

In 2019, following the success of DSVAPING in the U.S. market, we launched operations across the globe to develop all aspects of the supply chain. 

In 2020, we fully integrated the global electronic cigarette industry supply chain channels to provide one-stop service.

 In 2021, DSVAPING revamped compliance practices to achieve CNAS certification (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment).

 In 2022, we became the first to announce an incubation system in the electronic cigarette industry, providing a full range of branding services.


Since its establishment in 2017, DSVAPING has provided lots of professional services to our clients and has incubated many successful e-cigarette brands. If you have the intention of making your brand seen by the world or would like to know about DSVAPING.