What Are the Best Vape Brands 2023



The best vape brands vary from one country/market to another. What might be counted as the best vape in the US may not have penetrated the European market yet. A simple example would be JUUL, which dominates the US market, and Elf, which dominates the UK market.

The best vape brands can be further divided into disposable and mods/pods/other refillable vape variants.


Best Disposable Vape Brands

Some of the best vape brands in the disposable market segment are:

Elf Bar

Elf Bar is growing into one of the most prominent names in vaping. Its vapes are known for a solid build, fun, colorful designs, an extensive flavor range, and a wide range of disposables. They offer disposable vapes in other shapes/formats than the conventional "pen" shape as well. Its auto-draw feature and simple design make it an ideal choice for novice vapers.


JUUL dominates the American disposable vape market. JUUL products have a characteristic sleek design, and the company markets itself as something different from most conventional e-cigarettes and vapes available. Its flavor options and the famous "buzz" have been the engines of its growth, but they have also been the most controversial aspects of this brand.


Puff Plus Vape

Puff Plus is one of the strongest competitors of JUUL in the US market, and it even surpassed the top player in retail sales in 2020. Its disposables offer many attractive features, like a good battery, a small build, and a relatively large pre-filled tank. They even offer a taste similar to JUUL’s, with a longer life and arguably better value for money.  

Flum Vape

Flum Vape has a decent disposable vape range and offers a lot of funky designs and cool-colored vapes. There are several tasteful flavors, and there are at least four categories based on the number of puffs.

If you want to check out the flavors, the 800 puff variants might be a good choice. For long-term use and better value for the money, you can go for 6000 puff Flum vapes.


Pop Vape

Pop Vape has a presence in multiple markets and offers five different disposable vape series and dozens of individual units. They offer several amazing flavors, and though most of the disposables are not rechargeable, the solo pop series is, and they offer a higher number of puffs - over 5,500.

Rare Vape

Rare is among the best vape brands for weed vapes. The company has multiple product series dedicated to weed-related disposables in unique flavors. The company is also quite transparent about the research, and lab reports related to its vapes are available on the website. They show the exact amount of CBD, THC, and other marijuana ingredients in the vape juice.


Ezee Vape

Price is one of the reasons Ezee has landed on this list of the best vape brands in 2023. If you are willing to buy multiple units at once, you can get a great price for several disposable Ezee vapes. It also offers a decent sample set.

Kado Bar

Kado Bar has three different disposable brand variants, starting from 3,000 puffs (non-rechargeable) to 5,000 puffs (rechargeable). All of its vapes include 5% nicotine, and the flavor range, especially for the 5,000 variants, is quite decent. Most users appreciate its sleek design and durability.


SWFT Vape is well-known for its top-notch flavors. Even though the price of its disposables is on the high side, it's still counted among the best vape brands for its extensive flavor range and taste.


Best Vape Brands (Others)

It's important to understand that many brands mentioned above (for disposables) also offer mods and kits, but the brands below specialize in these vape domains.

Geek Vape

Geek Vape is among the best vape brands in 2023, thanks mostly to its durable and highly reliable kits. It offers a variety of tanks, mods, and coils to its users, allowing them to control and fine-tune their vaping experience as much as they want.


Innokin is one of the oldest names in the vaping industry and has been providing its users with a variety of vaping options for well over a decade. It has different types of vapes, a range of stunning vape pods, comprehensive kits, and tanks that differ in capacity and mechanism. Almost all the kits have a great build and reflect their designers' attention to detail.



Vaporesso is among the best vape brands in the world, thanks mostly to its long-lasting/durable coils and safe vaping products. Some Vaporesso kits can be massive, but the build quality is great, and you have a lot of control over flavor and vapor.


Voopoo offers multiple device, coil, and tank options and has a cool tool on the website that allows you to check the compatibility of all the options. Voopoo devices are robust and offer sufficient control to their users.


These are some of the best vape brands in 2023, available in several countries. However, the vape industry is quite dynamic, and you may see new names replacing the ones on this list next year. Searching for vape brands is now as easy as googling vape shops near me.”