Why Do People Vape 2023?



Vaping, or the use of electronic cigarette (E-cigarette) , has always been a controversial topic of concern by teenagers’ parents and tobacco smokers. Studies show that one in five high school students and over 7.14% of middle school students are using tobacco products on a weekly basis. Vapes are considered as much healthier than traditional cigarette because they produce fewer toxins. Since this is the case, many cigarette smokers will choose vapes to quit smoking. In order to prevent youth conduct and help tobacco users quit smoking, we have to understand why people vape.

Reason 1: Healthier Than Traditional Cigarettes

Inevitably speaking, just like tobacco smoking, there are so many people vaping for social purposes. Many of them have a sense of security in using E-cigarettes, which were only regulated 9 years after they hit the U.S market.


Until 2016, individuals, including those under the age of 18, could legally to buy E-cigarettes at vape shops. Apparently, teens are especially addicted to trying vapes that claim to be much safer than traditional cigarettes.

Reason 2: Relaxation

Melatonin Vapes are considered as to be an effective product that makes people feel relaxed. Many vape smokers believe that functional vapes like melatonin vapes and caffeine vapes can give them a feeling of peace and tranqulity.


Indeed, melatonin acts as a hormone that helps in the timing of your circadian rhythms. Therefore, when people find it hard to sleep, they choose to take some melatonin supplements or use melatonin vapes to spped up their biological clock, and enjoy a nice dream. Likewise, caffeine-powered vapes give people a sense of clam, and are often used when people want to relieve stress or anxiety.




Reason 3: Quit Smoking

Vaping is always seen as a safer alternative to smoking that does not produce harmful carcinogens such as tar or carbon monoxide. To reduce the possibility of developing lung cancer, heavy smokers prefer E-cigarette and vaping to stop smoking. Some studies have shown that people who use E-cigarettes to stop smoking are twice as likely to succeed as who use other nicotine replacement products, such as gums and lozenges.


In fact, E-cigarettes are much safer than traditional smoking because the liquid solution the E-cigarettes vaporize is called E-liquid. The better the E-liquid is, the better the atomization, and the less potential danger that may produce.

Reason 4: Curiosity

Vaping has too easily gained such immense popularity compared to the development of traditional cigarettes. Vaping as a new style of smoking has attracted many young people who are tired of traditional/ mainstream way of smoking. In addition to having special smoking experience, many are fascinated by the never-ending variety of new flavors and brands.


According to scientific research, milk tea is the most searched for trending flavor online. Flavors such as “mint”, “mango” and “watermelon” are the top 3 flavors in the U.S market. On top of that, vaping is not an exclusive product just for smokers. The idea of vaping without the nicotine is also popular among young kids due to the fruity and sweet flavors of E-cigarettes that inspire new vapors.



Reason 5: Low Cost

There are 3 ways of tobacco uses, people can smoke, chew and sniff tobacco products in terms of (e-)cigarettes, cigars, bidis and kreteks. The price can range from $6.11 per pack for cigarettes to over $100 for ultra-premium cigars.


However, the price of E-cigarettes is relatively low, as disposable vapes normally cost $5 to $10 each. The price range appears to be about the same as traditional cigarettes, but each device contains 3000 to 7000 puffs of smoke. For the professionals who want to ghost vape, they are more likely to choose advanced vaping devices such as the MTL starter kit, valued at for $30 to $60.